Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 6 Mission Trip

We may be here to serve the Atlanta Dream Center, but we are supporting Home Depot.  I am becoming familiar with the merchandise in the store....especially since we found one 3 blocks away from the ten-plex.

Pastor Paul invited us to their first fund raiser dinner tonight.  It was a nice dinner.  They had a really good presentation on some of their ministries.  They have over 40 ministry projects at the Dream Center.  They introduced us to a prostitute, a drug dealer, a couple that lived on the street,  and 5 orphaned children.  All of them are now involved in the Dream Center now as volunteers or employees.  The children are being adopted by two employees.

The students we are serving this week, are involved in most of these ministries and provide thousands of hours of service a year to people of their inner city neighborhood.  Tonight, we sat with the couple who runs the Safe Haven ministry.  They take children in and keep them while they train the parents to be parents.  They repair families.  It's a great program.

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  1. "they repair families".


    praying for supernatural physical strength today as you guys finish what God set you out to do!