Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why We Are Going to Atlanta

This is the first time we have gone away from home for a Divine Design mission trip.  I had questions in my mind about going so far away when some of the most needy people in the country live in our own city.  But, from the first day this was suggested, I had no doubt that God was calling us to Atlanta.  

I wanted to know about the college kids we are going to serve.  They do not brag on the work they do, so I had to research.  On top of being in college, they run a couple ministries to the kids of inner city Atlanta.  Here are some of the things they do:

On the same day and time each week, a Metro trailer pulls into a neighborhood to tell the story of Christ to children who would otherwise not hear of His hope.  The Metro Kidz trailer converts into a mobile stage as Metro staff and volunteers begin a life changing program. Through games, songs, bible lessons and personal relationships, the children are taught purpose and vision. 

After School Tutoring-  Metro Kidz has an after school tutoring program that helps kids to stay focused on their education and to have more one on one time with Metro Kidz staff throughout the week.

Visitation -Every Saturday, the Metro Kidz staff goes to the kids homes in the projects to follow up with them, invite them to church, and establish themselves as a solid and constant presence in their lives. This also gives them an opportunity to get to know the kids and their parents better.

Safe Haven-  Safe Haven acts as an emergency escape for children in direct harm. The child is removed from danger placed in our Safe Haven home while the issue is resolved and their home is restored. 

Kids Church - Every Sunday morning, over 60 kids attend the Atlanta International Church, where they will join in worship and prayer with the entire church before attending "Metro Kidz." In their own special service, they will sing songs, play games, color, watch videos, play outside and most importantly, learn important lessons about Jesus and the Christian life.

The average age to know someone (or have witnessed it) who has been shot is 5 yrs old in the city of Atlanta. Atlanta is number 3 in the world for child prostitution (#1 in the U.S.). About 95% of the kids we minister to come from single mom homes and have experienced more tragedy than any child should ever experience.

They work selflessly in the neighborhood every week.  The work they do is not easy, and it is endless.  It is our prayer to be able to encourage them in some small way with a comfortable living space.  They deserve so much more.

Prayer Needs:
  • Please pray for strength, endurance and compassion for the 47 students living in the ten-plex
  • Pray for the kids of inner city Atlanta
  • Pray for God's provision of the people and things that will make this mission trip a success

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Basement

We will be tackling four rooms in the basement.  There is one bedroom that two interns share.  As in all of the rooms, it barely holds two beds.  Under-bed storage, good idea.  Seeing it when you walk in the door, we will fix that.

These girls are lucky to have two small closets.  But the doors are broken.  We will fix that.

We will put the fridges under the beds so we can add some drawer space.

An there is a small unused space that we will turn into a living room/family room.  It can be used for classes, studying, hanging out.  The house is old.  There are old brick walls behind the sheet rock walls.  We will cover that up better.  There is a refrigerator in the living room, it won't be far to go for a cold drink.

This corner will get some seating.  We will make seat cushions, throw pillows and hang a curtain.  Parts of the walls are drywall and parts are cement.

We are going to turn this whole wall into a giant message center.  It will be part chalkboard and part magnet wall.

And there is a bathroom.  One curtain coming up.

A little wall patching is needed here.

The room is oddly shaped with a good amount of wall space.

And the kitchen.  This is the kitchen that all 47 kids use to cook.  There is wasted space like this huge, deep shelf.

Half of the kitchen counter has lovely 1972 floral contact paper on it.  We will look for some discount tile for it.

The cupboards need washing and painting.  They are rusty on the inside too.

Lots of work to be done just in the four basement rooms.

If you are joining us in prayer, please pray for God's provision for this trip:
- in women to join the team, the job is large
- in prayer team supporters
- in financial supporters, the living room has no furniture, and there are many more needs downstairs

The World's Most Luxurious Mission Trip?

To save money, we are staying in this basement while we are in Atlanta.  Tricia and Katelyn live here and they are letting us bunk in and helping us organize details of the mission trip week.

There is plenty of room to throw down blow up mattresses.

And a nice big kitchen.....

A living area to group up and make plans.

Oh yeah, and a pool outside the door.  Not bad for a basement, right?  Thanks Tricia!