Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 5 Mission Trip

Loading handpainted furniture into the van in the morning.

At lunch, we took our egg salad sandwiches to Dairy Queen.  We had Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Blizzards.  We have been talking about them for three days and they were our treat for painting three rooms.  Really good, by the way.

After a trip to IKEA, we had the van packed to the ceiling with furniture and pillows and rugs.  Later, a team from a local church came to the house to build it for us.  We managed to build 5 cube storage units before the team arrived, and they worked on dressers for us.

While the team was working, we had a bead soup/pizza party with the students who live in the house.  We even had a couple boys make bracelets. It was fun getting to know them a little.

This is Domingus.  He is from Mozambique.  He is very friendly and helpful and slung a paint roller for us, and helped us move heavy boxes.  Nice boy.

Chatting with the kids.....

Teaching the girls how to make bracelets....

It was a long but fulfilling day!


  1. prayed for you guys in the shower this morning. ;o)

  2. Prayed for us in the shower? Or you were in the show while praying?